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Talking about creating your own assets.


Writing journey

I’m writing my first book on personal finance, I’ll take you on my journey.


You Don’t Deserve to be Wealthy!!!

That’s right I said it, “YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE WEALTH”!!  So, I know your wondering why would you say that, I have that right to deserve to be anything I want.  Let me ask you a question then, if you deserve to be wealthy, what are you doing to create wealth for yourself.  What are you feeding your mind, to develop that wealth mindset.  I want to share a video with you, listen to Les Brown and Bishop Bernard Jordan share their incite on this subject:  Let me know what you think.




If U Think Education is Expensive try Ignorance

If u think education is expensive try ignorance

We’ll the title says enough, if you want to escape financial bondage the first step is to immerse yourself with education.  I listen to people who constantly complain about their situation, I want to invest in real estate, I want to start a business, I want to eliminate debt.  But when you ask these same individuals are they willing to invest in themselves to seek education the answer is always I don’t have time, I have to use my money on something else.  Escaping the shackles that may be holding you back is you, not educating yourself will prevent you from moving forward.  Some education is free and requires no start up costs the library, socializing with other successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors, seminars, webinars, internet and browsing at Barnes & Noble.  Get started today and make a difference with your situation.