90 Min Focus Session

Hello Prosperous One,

I’m  here to help you move from a place of lack to a place of Financial Prosperity.  In just 90 power pack minutes, I want to take you step by step to give you a starting point to begin to live a Financial Abundant Life.

Are you willing to commit 90 minutes to discuss what’s holding you back to reaching a place of Financial Prosperity?  If you commit to 90 minutes, then I will commit my time by showing you how Mindset Mastery will assist you reaching your Financial goals.

Here’s how you know your ready for the One hour Financial Focus Session.

Your SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED about your Financial situation
You FEAR you may pass your bad and unhealthy financial decisions to your children
You been putting your finances off to long and you need HELP
You have a particular financial problem that you need to focus on NOW

Here’s what you will expect during our 90 minute Focus session:

  • I’ll take an assessment of your most dire financial problems, “what keeps you up at night.”
  • We will do some Mindset Mastery Exercises to get to “Why” behind your money problems.
  • We will thoroughly discuss the Moneyism’s, I need more money, I don’t make enough money, I spend to much money, Do you have some Money!! And why they have no impact on you reaching a place of Financial Prosperity.

For 90 Minutes, it’s me and you discussing how you can begin to live a life of Financial abundance that you were designed to live.

So Let’s Get Started.

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