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At this point you have decided to get started; but due to the private interaction that you are going to  have with me directly.  I only work with a small group of individuals throughout the year.  If your serious about going to the  next level, with your personal finances.  Listed below are the different Financial Consulting Programs I offered.  Just a side note I hope you  have done your due diligence to figure out what Financial personality type suits you best,  if you need a refresher. click here

Note:  These Financial Programs are suited for serious individuals, who you are ready to go to an uncomfortable place with their finances, in order to reach a place of Financial Prosperity.  So time wasters, whiners, undecided and self-pity attitude need not apply below

So Lorillia who are the clients you currently work with:

  • Individuals who overspend and are unable to save to recognize the reason they display those habits
  • Individuals who need to understand that wealth has nothing to do with their financial situation.
  • Individuals who struggle with creating a realistic Budget to eliminate overspending month to month
  • Individuals who need a systematic approach to create a emergency saving plan that will accumulate to 6-9 mths of savings to cover living expenses
  • Individuals who need a debt reduction strategy to eliminate a portion of  their debt in 6-12mth
  • Individuals who need a Credit repair strategy to eliminate negative and inaccurate items on their credit report
  • Individuals who to need to implement a retirement plan strategy that will allow them to live the retirement lifestyle that they desire
  • Retirees looking to create a lifetime stream of income during retirement

Now that you understand who I currently work and have figure out your Financial personality type, let’s find a customized program that suits you well.

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