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Cloud storage stores your files, documents, and other digital assets in a series of physical offsite servers known as the cloud. Apple’s iCloud storage maxes at one terabyte, but there are more options for those who want less space. For example, you can opt for 20GB for $0.99, 200GB for $3.99, or 500GB for $9.99 per month. If you want something less than a terabyte, Google only offers the free 15GB and 100GB for $1.99 per month. Google now uses HTTPs on all of its services, which are to be applauded, and also implements ‘internal measures’ to look out for potentially compromised account login activity.

Your operating system will allow you to choose particular files to back up, or ask if you just want to mirror the entire drive. When you are first learning how to transfer files to external hard drive media, it is best to just mirror the entire drive.

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You can store any file in Google Drive and access them from anywhere, smartphone, tablet, or computer. Currently, Google Drive is available in around 60 different languages and can be accessed from a dedicated website or app. Combine free space of all clouds, get unlimited cloud backup space for free. Learn the common types of data backups — and the best software MSPs can use to make backup and disaster recovery easier and more reliable.

Sync is a HIPAA, GDPA, and PIPEDA compliant cloud storage service perfect Windows 8 for European and Canadian companies as well as banks and healthcare organizations. Icedrive, like the other options on this list, offers web-based, desktop, and mobile applications for cloud storage.

  • You may also encounter problems trying to perform backups during peak business hours.
  • If you have a lot of data to transfer, this could be a problem.
  • Cloud storage providers often have bandwidth limitations in place to prevent any connectivity issues.
  • You might encounter throttling or additional fees if you go over your data allotment.

But there are also unique features like automated backups of your PC and document scanning. The Standard Team plan is $5 per user per month and comes with 1 TB of storage space per user.

It comes with 5GB for free which–like OneDrive–is pretty low. Especially if you plan on using it to back up your Macbook or iPhone. But it comes default on every Apple device, which means that you’ll be able to access photos and files from all your past iPhones . There are great features such as easy integration with Outlook and Microsoft devices.

This means you have a third layer of login protection and that’s with Google Authenticator. As for your data itself, this is encrypted in transit using SSL but only stored at rest using 128-bit AES like iCloud. Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the most extensively used file storage and synchronization service around the world.


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