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In iOS, the color property affects the color of the title and the action items. In Android, the color property affects only the title text. You can set the application icon only for Android. You can show it by setting the android.iconVisibility property to always. Matching the color of address bar to your WordPress site, gives it a native app-like feel.

This app can add more than 25 toggle options, if you choose so, in your notification center. Floatify Lockscreen is a great app to customize not just your notification center but also your lockscreen allowing you to do more. The wake up feature where the screen comes alive when you pick up your Android will save time when you quickly want to see time, weather, and and notifications. Another app from the developer of iNotify OS 11 which will magically add a control panel to your Android phone.

25 Cool New Things You Can Do With Android Nougat

A stock Android user relies entirely on Google. So that’s why you need an app to customize your Notification bar. One thing which you might have never felt like customizing is the navigation bar. Well, you can also customize the navigation bar on your Android to the color you want.

You will notice the Property bar along the top again offers different settings and options specific to this tool. The Edge Softness determines how pixels that border the recolored pixels are affected. So, keep this relatively low, around 20 for this image.

About Notification Icons

The text in some apps may become huge, but not in all. There’s a short list of different fonts you can use. The preview at the top of the dialog box shows you what the text will look like in the font you chose.

  • Below are some of the reasons that cause your Android screen to turn into black/white.
  • For details on how to configure the settings, see ”Selecting/Detecting the Color Changer Free old version for android Device.”
  • If you’re using iPhone 8 or later, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • You can change the overall size of the widget and increase or decrease the space between the digits.

The default display mode of most Galaxy phones makes the elements on screen look gorgeous; however, the color is very unnatural. If you do not like the color of the screen, follow the steps in this tutorial to make the screen look more natural. You can do this for every contact if you’d like, though unfortunately the color setting won’t stick across devices. You’ll find a handful of options here, but down at the very bottom of the list, you’ll see the person’s name and contact information.


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