Gisaengchung Full Movie Jin Won Han HDTV DVDRIP 2019 release

  1. countries=South Korea
  2. runtime=2 Hours, 12 m
  3. ratings=8,8 / 10
  4. directed by=Bong Joon Ho
  5. Genres=Drama

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I have a feeling I won’t see a movie this good or affecting for a long time. Funny and scary and thrilling and sad.
The Screenplay is soooo good.
Joon-ho Bong is one of my favorite Directors working right now.
An unordinary story which takes you on a journey where you never know where you end up.
Somehow South Korea produces so many quality movie its unreal.
Great movie, the less you know, the better.
And watch Memories of Murder too, imo his best work.
Never watched anything quite like it. The story was awesome. I really enjoyed it. The ending was a little confusing. Maybe I missed something. I didn’t understand why the father flipped out. Still thought it was a witty clever movie. Check it out.

Dark comedy with a very natural plot. Somehow all the fraud shown could happen in real life.
What gets me is my culture has certain similarity with Korean, perhaps it is asian curse.
Actors are so deep in their roles. And well done directed. I even could sense the body scent issue, frowned at the social gap, the misery of faking our real life for others in the name of greater good.
God, I laughed and swore at same time.
100% recommend this movie to all my friends.

Many plot holes, illogical scenes at times. br>
i was hoping for a better plot twist, to be honest…