Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do this myself?
Yes you certainly can if you are a DIY’er I have created free resources along with paid
products to get you started.  But if you want to me to provide  you with my system and process that I have created for you to reach that place of Financial Prosperity that your trying to reach.   Then upgrade your knowledge by considering the lowest investment you can make into my program which is Financial Wealth Inner Circle.

2. What should I expect working with you?
Depending on what level of Financial Consulting you choose.  I have created a systematic process, which includes worksheets, exercises, handouts, transcripts and mp3 audio.  Keep in mind the program are designed for thick skinned individuals, who ready to face their finances head-on.  In the beginning, you are going to feel uneasy, but the results will be life-changing.

3. Do you provide A la Carte services or per hour?
The only per hour services I offer is a One hour Financial Focus Session.  This is a power pack session discussing Mindset Mastery in order to achieve what you want most which is Financial Prosperity.  Keep in mind payment must be paid online before services are rendered the fee is $295.

4. How will you assist me on my goal of Financial Prosperity?
My goal is to help you take small steps; the first step is to get to the root of your financial problems; and implement a realistic Financial goal setting time frame, for you to reach each milestone.  Also I will provide with you exercises, handouts and mp3 audio recording  for you to review after each session.

5. I don’t think I’m ready to work with you is there a low or no cost investment to get started?
Yes it is and keep in mind this is an investment.  So I understand some individuals can not make that financial leap.  Which is why I encouraged individuals to take advantage of the free resources, sign up on the website so you receive our monthly newsletter and Monthly telephone calls.

6. I want to get started what is the smallest investment that I can make to  begin to reach my Financial goals?
Join our MonthlyFinancial Wealth Inner Circle Monthly telephone calls, the investment is only $47 a month.  The call is given twice a month, that’s less than a dollar a day.  An it’s exclusive to only Financial Wealth Inner Circle members.

7. If I decide to work with you will I be meeting you in person?
Unfortunately only Reset your Mindset System™ Masterclass Financial Consulting clients only meet with me in person.  This is my VIP level of service due to nature of the investment, time and commitment involve.

8.  What about the  meetings and consultations, how will the meetings be held?
The meeting will be held either on telephone or on Skype whatever one is more convenient for the client.  If your not familiar with Skype go to http://www.skype.com

9.  Do you provide advanced level Financial advice, to Individuals or Business Owners who have investable assets?
Yes, I do and due to the regulatory nature of the investment business I am not
providing these services on this website.  In the future, I will be providing a link to my Broker-Dealer website.

10.   Do you provide group sessions?
Yes I do please call my office at 1-888-760-4941, I offer a discount to churches and non-profits.  Along with groups of 35 and more.



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