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My first E-book, yippee!!!

We’ll after investing in a book writing course to prepare me for writing my first personal finance book, I have made one accomplishment and completed my first E-book “75 Common Tax Deductions for Small Business Owners”.  Although this is not the big kahuna which is my Personal Finance book this is a start, and it’s getting me in the writing spirit.  I know your wondering why I chose this topic as my first E-book, well the reason is simple I often get bombarded with questions from clients and prospects on what’s tax deductible.  So instead of rehearsing the same answer over and over again, I can now point individuals to the source of information for FREE.  This E-book is an informative read if you’re wondering what you can and can not deduct.  I used to upload my E-book for download; there is no fee for the service.  The website is user friendly so if you have basic computer skills like myself uploading the PDF version of the book will not be a problem for the most novice computer.  Again check the E-book out and tell me what you think.


Who’s in your social media circle?


If your using social media for business or personal, take an inventory of the people you have allowed to be in your online circle.  What kind of conversations or status updates; are being discussed by these individuals? Are those conversations gossipy, negative, or just down right full of profanity?  I’m not throwing stones at anyone who curses because I’m human I do slip up, but I make sure I’m not posting it on wall for the internet to see.  For myself, I have befriended some positive folks using many of the online social media sites, and I enjoy reading their successes, overcoming obstacles, and new endeavors.  I pay close to attention to these individuals’ status updates, and it keeps me motivated to keep on my grind.  If your someone who is considering starting an online business or seasoned business owner, pay attentions who’s in your circle and don’t be afraid to DELETE..