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Whitney Houston’s Estate is not BROKE!

Many reliable sources on the internet have label Whitney Houston’s estate as BROKE and in a financial bind.  Sources say that Whitney Houston was already on the brink of a financial calamity even facing bankruptcy.  Music Industry Insider Wayne Russo gives a full break down of Whitney’s liability to Sony Music Group, and why it may be a long time before her Estate would reap any of her music royalty wealth. (Read article here) But music royalty wealth is only one piece of a very big pie that heirs of Whitney Houston can profit from to continue her legacy.

Postmortem Riches

Celebrity wealth in death is not a new topic, and until Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, Elvis Presley reign as the highest paid dead celebrity.   Keep in mind that the bulk of wealth that is deriving from Elvis Presley is not music royalties.  Presley’s postmortem earnings come from Graceland admissions, licensing and merchandising and a Cirque du Soleil.  Licensing and Merchandising is a billion dollar industry and the advisors to these dead powerhouses know it; that’s why Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (not to be confused with his estate) gross proceeds for 2011 were in the billions.

Whitney Houston’s Legacy & Deja Vu

Although the Estate of Whitney Houston maybe in debt to the Sony Music Group, for music royalties. Nothing is stopping the heirs in creating a new company that will continue to keep Whitney Houston’s legacy alive and bring in some of those postmortem riches. Let us not forget that when Michael Jackson died, once again reliable sources on the internet said is estate was in debt to AEG for $30-35 million, fast forward  2 1/2 years later, Forbes listed him as one of the highest paid dead celebrities in 2011.

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Football and Finances

    What do Football and Finances have in common, a finance app created by the NFL and Visa call Financial Football.  To promote the need of financial literacy the NFL and Visa have teamed together and have created an app that asks a series of questions on all aspects of financial literacy from credit management to retirement.  The game can be found in the App store for the I-phone did I mention that the app is FREE.  Don’t worry if your knowledge of football is sub par, the game will walk you through all the steps.  You can pick your team the opposing team, and just follow the steps.  Depending on how well you answer the questions on financial literacy will determine your football advancement in yardage, field goals and points on the board.  There is no need to be intimidated by the app you can pick what level you want to start at easy, medium or hard.  If don’t know knowledge on financial literacy you can go through the Lessons module which is the app’s version of Financial Training Camp.  The Financial Training Camp skills categories are broken into saving, spending, budgeting, credit, debit and prepaid cards.  Check it out maybe you will enjoy the app as much as I did.