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8 Steps to Keep your Holiday Season Debt Proof

Borrowing money for the holiday season is no misnomer for many American families.  American families are constantly being bombarded with retailer’s advertisements of buying, and fighting the buying temptation can be difficult.  Statistics show that nearly 1 in 10 families borrow money to spend on Christmas gifts and those same families are unable to pay their bills at the end of month in December.  Read the rest at Your black world


Dealing with Financial Stress and Anxiety during the Holiday Season

In these economic times, many individuals are going through some rough financial pressures.  For example, the lost of a job, home foreclosure, or unmanageable debt that keeps accumulating.  Studies have shown that people who are struggling financially during the holiday season experience a much greater burden of stress and anxiety than any other time of the year.

Many individuals who are experiencing this type of stress and anxiety do not realize it’s not because of lack of money.  More money will not change your financial situation if it did, why do 9 out of every 10 lottery winners who become millionaires go broke within 5 years?  What changes your financial situation, is your mindset.   Changing your mindset will allow you to live the life you were destined for, it will allow you to eliminate a mindset of lack and develop a mindset of financial abundance.  Listed below are 4 principles one must master in order to reap the harvest of becoming financially secure:

1.  Learn to embrace the concept of being an abundant thinker

2.  Learn how you can become an abundant thinker

3.  Educate yourself on why the recession has nothing to do with your finances

4.  Learn how to stay motivated in any economy, so you can become recession proof

These concepts may seem esoteric and out of the box for some individuals, but if you’re in a place where you’re hurting financially.  Consider learning something new, it was Albert Einstein who said “Doing the same thing and expecting different results is Insanity”.



The Money Mentor: How Corporations Play with Your Mind at Christmas

In this video I’m discussing the Black Friday and Cyber Monday phenomenon  with Dr.  Boyce Watkins.  Click here at Your Black World to listen and watch.


What inheritance will you leave for your love ones?

The bible speaks about inheritance in Proverbs 13:22, “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.” (NIV) We live in a society that measures a person’s wealth by the type of car a person drives, designer clothes and handbags he or she wears or the mc mansion that is in the process of foreclosure. All of these items are easy to accumulate and easy to put you in a whirlwind of high debt and uncontrollable spending. If your goal is to pass on an inheritance to your children accumulating high price items should not be your goal. Because you are only allowing your children to inherit your bad spending and credit card habits. Begin your journey by educating yourself about eliminating debt, budgeting and residual income; remember the number one form of wealth is not money it’s education. Once you have sought and obtained education, begin putting what you learn in action. Include and educate your children about the importance of being debt free and staying away from consumer debt. Live within your means by keeping an ongoing budget of your family spending. Begin your journey of accumulating different streams of income, for example residual income can provide you and your love ones with an income that can
last generations.