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Whitney Houston’s Estate is not BROKE!

Many reliable sources on the internet have label Whitney Houston’s estate as BROKE and in a financial bind.  Sources say that Whitney Houston was already on the brink of a financial calamity even facing bankruptcy.  Music Industry Insider Wayne Russo gives a full break down of Whitney’s liability to Sony Music Group, and why it may be a long time before her Estate would reap any of her music royalty wealth. (Read article here) But music royalty wealth is only one piece of a very big pie that heirs of Whitney Houston can profit from to continue her legacy.

Postmortem Riches

Celebrity wealth in death is not a new topic, and until Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, Elvis Presley reign as the highest paid dead celebrity.   Keep in mind that the bulk of wealth that is deriving from Elvis Presley is not music royalties.  Presley’s postmortem earnings come from Graceland admissions, licensing and merchandising and a Cirque du Soleil.  Licensing and Merchandising is a billion dollar industry and the advisors to these dead powerhouses know it; that’s why Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (not to be confused with his estate) gross proceeds for 2011 were in the billions.

Whitney Houston’s Legacy & Deja Vu

Although the Estate of Whitney Houston maybe in debt to the Sony Music Group, for music royalties. Nothing is stopping the heirs in creating a new company that will continue to keep Whitney Houston’s legacy alive and bring in some of those postmortem riches. Let us not forget that when Michael Jackson died, once again reliable sources on the internet said is estate was in debt to AEG for $30-35 million, fast forward  2 1/2 years later, Forbes listed him as one of the highest paid dead celebrities in 2011.

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Creating a 5 Step Financial Makeover in 2012

It’s now 2012, and if you’re still procrastinating with making a financial leap, then you don’t want to put it off any longer.   Procrastination is never a good thing, and why have your personal finances suffer in the meantime.  If you need a financial makeover, it takes a mental commitment; one that will allow you to stay the course until the end of the year.  Here is a quick 5 step checklist that can assist you in staying committed to a financial makeover in 2012.  Read the rest here.


8 Steps to Keep your Holiday Season Debt Proof

Borrowing money for the holiday season is no misnomer for many American families.  American families are constantly being bombarded with retailer’s advertisements of buying, and fighting the buying temptation can be difficult.  Statistics show that nearly 1 in 10 families borrow money to spend on Christmas gifts and those same families are unable to pay their bills at the end of month in December.  Read the rest at Your black world


4 Tips for Protecting your Finances Online on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has been called the most profitable online shopping day for retailers since 2005.    Online retailers have been rallying to get Black Friday shoppers to continue their shopping frenzy until Monday, with hopes that this year will be even more profitable.  But consumers who are planning to shop on Cyber Monday, to score big on sales for the holidays.  Here are 4 tips to consider when shopping on Cyber Monday.

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Are you living a Mint life with your personal finances?

We’ll if you’re a user of Quicken or QuickBooks when it comes to your finances than you will love  Why, because Intuit the creators of Quickbooks and Quicken own (they acquired the company in 2009). Not that it means anything, but I thought I’ll share that tidbit, just to give you some history on the company.

At first I was hesitating with using, I enjoyed Quicken and I was very comfortable with the program. But now that I am doing more work on my I-phone I wanted to be able to manage my finances with a personal finance app that eliminates the headache of syncing information between my computer and my I-phone via online. So, that’s just one reason why I took the leap. I was also impressed with how my banking information was instantly updated between my computer and my I-phone. This feature eliminates the back and forth changes between the two interfaces.

The second reason why I switch I was happy with how the historical information populated as far back as 90 days, all I have to do is go back and make some category changes. Now the only caveat that you may have with the program is that everything is done online meaning that there is no downloading software on to your computer’s hard drive. So word of caution if you are leery about working online because of online cyber theft then this program may not be for you, you may want to consider the manual version of Quicken. But if your an online banking user like myself than website is fully encrypted with VeriSign and TRUSTe, and don’t forget if your managing your personal finances on a daily basis than you should notice any hokey pokey that could occur with your online account.

So I will end this blog post with I am very comfortable with the program and I highly recommend it for your personal finance use.


I-Phone App and Finances

After months of frustration trying to import and export transactions with Quicken using a a previous app (which I will remain nameless).  I just recently loaded app on my phone.  So far I like the reviews that I read so far, but my assessment of the app is going to be its ability to import and export transactions with Quicken.  I did not want to switch from using Quicken and go to to handle budgeting and keeping track of my personal finances.  Looking at the app’s description I did not see apps if there is an ability to import and export QIF transactions, but I thought I will access it anyway.  I’ll see how it goes and keep you all informed.


Are You Up for a Coupon Challenge?

   The holidays are coming and making sure my family stays within our budget is key to me. But  I do have to admit, although I have my family on a strict budget plan, and although we stay within our spending limits overall.  The area we tend to overspend is with the grocery/food bill. So enough  is enough, I’m taking on the coupon challenge.  During the holidays overspending can occur and it’s very important to not neglect your budget during the holiday season.  For some people looking to save and not overspend,  holiday shopping begins in Fall, this practice allows you to stay on top of your budget allows you to eliminate wasteful spending.  So back to my coupon challenge I’ve did my research, so that I can take some  tips from other people who have been successful with coupons.  In my Googles earch I came across the website of and I been using her website as a guide, so far I am impress with her coupon saving tactics.  I just started this coupon exercise this weekand I am noticing the food savings. Right now I’m only buying what’s on sale and utilizing coupons with the sale items.  What I also learned that many of the stores have website where you can sign up and get additional savings.   Well as I mention earlier int his blog the holidays are coming and my goal is to plan my holiday food shopping list now.  Until next time, I’ll let you know how it goes