Are You Up for a Coupon Challenge?

   The holidays are coming and making sure my family stays within our budget is key to me. But  I do have to admit, although I have my family on a strict budget plan, and although we stay within our spending limits overall.  The area we tend to overspend is with the grocery/food bill. So enough  is enough, I’m taking on the coupon challenge.  During the holidays overspending can occur and it’s very important to not neglect your budget during the holiday season.  For some people looking to save and not overspend,  holiday shopping begins in Fall, this practice allows you to stay on top of your budget allows you to eliminate wasteful spending.  So back to my coupon challenge I’ve did my research, so that I can take some  tips from other people who have been successful with coupons.  In my Googles earch I came across the website of and I been using her website as a guide, so far I am impress with her coupon saving tactics.  I just started this coupon exercise this weekand I am noticing the food savings. Right now I’m only buying what’s on sale and utilizing coupons with the sale items.  What I also learned that many of the stores have website where you can sign up and get additional savings.   Well as I mention earlier int his blog the holidays are coming and my goal is to plan my holiday food shopping list now.  Until next time, I’ll let you know how it goes