Are you Broke, or Temporarily out of Cash

Some years ago, before I became a licensed Financial professional. I read a book by the Financial Advisor/Guru Ric Edelmen. Where the author said Broke is a state of mind, and temporarily out of Cash is a state of your pockets; I found that statement to be true when you working towards accumulating wealth. Many individuals can never get started with investing or saving for retirement, because they believe in their minds and saying continuously “I’m broke, I never have any money”. These individuals are not aware that what you say and how you think, is very powerful and in order to begin to start accumulating wealth you have to change what you say and how you say it. We all in some part of our lives hit a rough patch when it comes to money, but is important to rephrase and rethink what we say, how we think. Constantly saying your BROKE and will not help you to develop positive thoughts about saving money or accumulating more money. How can you develop positive thoughts and begin to rephrase your thinking. Start by educating yourself on how to save, read motivational books or listen to motivational cds to develop a positive thought process. Always seek constant education to develop better money handling habits to prevent you from being low on cash or “Temporarily out of Cash”.