About me

Meet Lorillia “The Money Mentor”

Who am I and what is my story?  We’ll before the accolades of being a Licensed Financial  Services professional, Accountant, and Adjunct accounting professor.  I was just like you Financially Illiterate; bad credit, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and did not know the difference between an IRA and a 401K.  I was just treading water, blaming everyone, the economy, my job, my cat, where I live etc.  We’ll fast forward 10 years later, I educated myself in those areas, some was self taught, continuing education, and spiritual mentoring.  I am not going to display myself as some self righteous, I never been in your shoes type of person; which is why my purpose here is to not condemn your financial situation, but to applaud you taking the step to become more Financially Literate.

So, allow me to help you in reaching your Financial goals.  I know your interested in  my qualifications and experience,  I’ll be glad to share them with you:

  • Owner and principal of Brown & Associates, LLC since 2003
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Rutgers University
  • Started my career at a “Big Four” accounting firm
  • Licensed NJ Insurance Producer in Health, Life, and Variable Annuities
  • FINRA  securities license professional
  • Adjunct Accounting professor at a local  NJ college

Now that I shared by experience, what’s stopping you from getting started.  But before you decide to make this commitment.   Keep in mind I’m only interested in individuals who are serious about going from a place of lack to a place of Financial Prosperity.

I understand everyone is not ready, and that is fine.  I’m  only looking to assist and help a select few.  So, my selection process is focus on working with serious individuals who understand that the Financial change that they will experience take them out of their comfort zone.  This financial change that you will experience will be uneasy but the results will be life changing.  Are you ready to make the next step.  Click here.