Aaron Rodgers: Top 5 Ladies He Could Be NOT Dating. Aaron Rodgers is connected romantically to a lot of various celebrity females.

Nevertheless, while rumors have actually spread regarding his love life, there was almost no evidence to guide he is simply in a female celebrity’s company in public that he is actually with these women, as many times these rumors sprout when. In addition, Rodgers has rejected any and all sorts of of these intimate pairings, clearly making these rumors quite debateable within their credibility.

This informative article will appear in the a lot of women that Rodgers happens to be combined with, and just how legitimate these rumors actually are.

5. Julie Henderson

In ’09, Rodgers had been reported to own been seen with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Julie Henderson.

Proof For: Rodgers had been seen likely to supper with Henderson in ny City and ‘cozying up’ to her, because the nyc Post reported.

Proof Against: in accordance with Wisconsin sportswriter Jason Wilde, Rodgers denied the rumor. This could be the initial in several denials Rodgers will have to offer.

4. Hillary Scott

Rodgers has also been seen many times with the lead singer of Lady Antebellum, and just one more Web rumor ended up being started.

Proof For: Rodgers ended up being seen most of the time with Scott, especially in Las Las Las Vegas where a few compromising pictures of those had been taken.

Proof Against: These “compromising” (and blurry) photographs are merely them speaking with one another. Once again, really small evidence offered how many articles discussing them as a ‘couple.’

3. Mila Kunis

Another rumor spread by the brand new York Post, Rodgers had been associated with Mila Kunis, who’s featuring when you look at the movie that is newFriends with Advantages”.

Proof For: Rodgers ended up being seen along with her at a Hollywood celebration.

Evidence Against: Apparently, he had been really with another celebrity, Jessica Szhor (who we shall arrive at later). And likewise, Rodgers denied the rumors through Twitter.

2. Erin Andrews

Aaron Rodgers has also been reported to be are spotted with ESPN Sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

Proof For: clearly, they usually have comparable passions. additionally, she ended up being evidently spotted with him in Green Bay having meal with him.

Proof Against: Rodgers did not fundamentally deny this 1, but stated so it ‘wasn’t anyone’s business’. So it’s feasible that one may have some credibility to it. But once again, it is a rumor that are considering flimsy proof of a feasible meal date in Wisconsin.

1. Jessica Szohr

Of the many Web rumors, here is the one which seems to obtain the many attention, and also have the many legitimacy.

This rumor ended up being also mentioned nationwide, whenever ESPN First Take analyst Skip Bayless speculated that Rodgers ended up being dating “a child that is wildGossip Girl.’”

Proof For: Szohr is evidently from Wisconsin, and it has visited numerous Packers games, both home and away games. There have been additionally alot of sightings for the two, especially during their Super Bowl run.

Proof Against: In April, Rodgers’ family members really identified the girl Rodgers is seeing for many years, a lady he came across at church camp called Destiny Newton. Therefore most likely this time around, he’s maybe maybe not dating a hollywood, he could be dating their twelfth grade sweetheart. Case Closed. (needless to say, this might be merely another online rumor, too. We will never ever truly understand)

Caitlyn Jenner once barged in on Sophia Hutchins with some guy

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Sophia Hutchins had to create some boundaries with Caitlyn Jenner following the “I Am Cait” celebrity strolled in on the getting intimate with a guy within their Malibu house.

“We had to place a lock on my home because Caitlyn chose to barge into my space while I experienced a pal over,” Hutchins, Jenner’s supervisor, recently unveiled on Heather McDonald’s podcast ukrainian brides “Juicy information,” incorporating, “Jenner types of saw plenty of things taking place.”

Hutchins explained that there have been downsides to residing in and working out from the TV that is 70-year-old house.

“It’s similar to coping with your parents and I’m like oh, this could be described as a turning point where i would need certainly to move away,he had been here.” she stated, incorporating that Jenner “knew”

She additionally noted that working away from Jenner’s house is not probably the most situation that is convenient her work.

“i enjoy living there, my workplace is situated nowadays. Caitlyn converted the visitor household into our work place,” she said. “Everyone to my group is within the town. It is tough to own every person constantly drive to Malibu.”

But regardless of the embarrassing moments, 24-year-old Hutchins is in no rush to transfer.

“Being CEO of Lumasol and Caitlyn’s supervisor keeps me personally busy. I will be completely dedicated to my career,” she said. “I don’t have plans to transfer, but i will be within the market for a property in Calabasas.”

She added she would understand that she would feel guilty leaving Jenner but knows.

“I don’t would you like to leave her she additionally understands that I’m growing old and I also wish to be in a position to have personal life. by by herself, but”

Hutchins additionally cleared things up in relation to her relationship with Jenner, reaffirming that dating rumors had been untrue.

“It was never ever intimate. Never intimate. It absolutely was extremely friends that are much i realize why individuals perceived it in that way. We never ever addressed it and that had been an element of the issue,” Hutchins said. “It’s more parental. We date dudes. And Caitlyn’s like, we gotta sign off on him. It is really parental, extremely protective. We’re family members. It’s a fascinating household situation. Each of my loved ones is.”

Hutchins relocated into Jenner’s house in 2017.

“We came across through our hairstylists. He had been doing my locks one time and had been like, ‘I’m likely to a photoshoot after this, one thing with Caitlyn and MAC. And Caitlyn wish to satisfy you,’” Hutchins stated.

That’s once the Pepperdine grad decided she could part of as Jenner’s company partner.

“I went along to the photoshoot. We kicked it down. We discovered a great deal in what was taking place in Caitlyn’s life and I also felt it absolutely was a economic s–t show therefore much cash had been tossed everywhere,” she said. “Nobody ended up being operating the show, her life. Kris Jenner had not been carrying it out any longer like I possibly could do a truly good work. given that they had been divorced and I felt”

Since that time, the duo was inseparable and Hutchins usually attends household occasions with Jenner.