“Creating a Mindset of Abundance to Become Financially Secure”

I will be hosting a 4 part teleseminar starting on November 14, 2011.  “Creating a Mindset of Abundance to Become Financially Secure”.  During this 4 part teleseminar participants will learn:

  • What is Financial Abundance Thinking?


  • How do I become an Abundant Thinker?


  • Why the Recession does not determine my Financial Wealth!


  • How to stay motivated in these desperate times of “Doom and Gloom”!

This is a much needed teleseminar during these economic times, many individuals are going through the pressure of the losing of a job, home foreclosure, and business closings.  Studies have shown that individuals who are financially struggling during the holiday season experience a greater burden of stress and anxiety.

So again this is a Free Event, please go the events page at:  http://www.brownassocllc.com/events